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  1. 鄭大為於該場男子72公斤級賽事所作判決是為錯誤裁決。

  2. 鄭大為以不當言行,公開中傷、污辱行政院政務委員曾志朗先生。

  3. 破壞跆拳道永續發展及跆拳道多年來建立優良之社會形象,影響社會大眾對跆拳道運動產生負面觀感。

  4. 另在中華台北代表隊對判決有所異議,尚未向大會提出正常程序抗議,在大會仲裁未作成結論前,鄭大為即於賽後對媒體發表個人看法,有違裁判職責等情。


  1. 鄭大為先生及該場賽事全體裁判所做的集體判決是為正確裁決而非誤判或惡意之黑心判決。

  2. 鄭大為先生批評曾志朗先生,指其在國際競賽中干涉比賽,有損我國之國際形象。此為其個人依據運動競賽規則的判斷與言論自由,身為我國公民的鄭大為先生,這個批評確實是正確的,並無不當。

  3. 鄭大為先生獨立於其他裁判做出決定, 然而,他的決定與其他裁判一致,鄭大為先生的決定是可信的,因為這與其他裁判的判決不謀而合。他遵守國際裁判應有的獨立裁判的原則,為其以及所有的裁判所做的一致判決來辯護,亦屬正當。

  4. 即使其言論引起一些人不快及產生社會爭議,與本協會所主張的運動精神與原則,並無相關,更無抵觸本會紀律與榮譽的價值觀。




Regarding the accusations made by the Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Association on December 11, 2009, for the words and deeds of Coach Cheng Ta Wei as an international referee during the Hong Kong East Asian Games Taekwondo Competition, and the sanction of suspension for three years, The Association believes that the result of the resolution is not justified.

The Association originally determined that:

  1. As the competition referee, Cheng Ta Wei made a wrong decision in the men's 72kg competition.

  2. With inappropriate words and actions, Cheng Ta Wei seriously insulted Mr. Ovid Tzeng, the committee member of the Executive Yuan, in public.

  3. This destroyed the well-built development and social image of Taekwondo going forward which affects the public's negative perception of Taekwondo.

  4. In addition, the Chinese Taipei team challenged the verdict and has not yet filed a normal procedure protest to the conference, before the conference arbitration has reached a conclusion, Cheng Ta Wei immediately expressed his personal views to the media after the game. This violated the referee's duties.

Therefore, the Disciplinary Committee decided to immediately ban coach Cheng Ta Wei from all activities and work related to Taekwondo for a period of three years.

Upon subsequent detail and thorough investigation by the Association, it is believed that:

  1. The judgment made by Mr. Cheng Ta Wei and all the referees of the match is a correct judgment, not a wrong or malicious judgment.

  2. Mr. Cheng Ta Wei criticized Mr. Ovid Tzeng for interfering the competition and damaging Taiwan's image from international competition. This is based on the rules of Taekwondo and freedom of speech. This criticism was truly correct and not inappropriate from Mr. Cheng Ta Wei as a citizen of Taiwan.

  3. Mr. Cheng Ta Wei made a decision that was independent of the other referees. However, his decision was unanimous with the decision made by the other referees. The decision from Mr. Cheng Ta Wei was therefore credible since it coincided with his fellow referees. He abides by the principle of independent refereeing that international referees should have, and has legitimate reasons to defend his and all referees' unanimous judgments.

  4. Even if his remarks arouse unhappiness among some people and cause social controversy, it has nothing to do with the sportsmanship and principles advocated by the Association, nor does it contradict the values of discipline and honor of the Association.

Over the past 12 years, the previous decision of the Association has caused great harm and loss to the reputation of Coach Cheng Ta Wei and his family as well as to his taekwondo career.

The Association hereby expresses its most sincere apology to Coach Cheng Ta Wei and his family.

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